Sales & Customer Support

Consumer Banking

Year Up's Consumer Banking specialty addresses training requirements in customer service, customer support and sales, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system use, banking fundamentals and related product understanding, and professional written and verbal communications with practical skills in communication and customer service. Training includes concepts and practical application of customer service constructs such as problem-solving, active listening, de-escalation, and professional communications; use of business banking knowledge to navigate resources, company products, and large cash sums during customer interactions; and utilizing systems to engage clients and to assist clients with banking transactions and processes.

Industry Training Focus Areas

  • Customer-Based Communications
  • Customer-Facing Presentation
  • Customer Service Fundamentals
  • Sales Fundamentals
  • Year Up's Essential Skills Training

Industry Skills Development at a Glance: You'll Learn How To...

  • Execute transactions and processes to manage banking clients by utilizing software tools, such as teller systems, with accuracy
  • Navigate the different sales and sales support roles in an organization
  • Walk customers through use of self-service resources to resolve issues
  • Communicate company brand and core values
  • Communicate strategically through different forums (e.g. online, live chat, email)

Essential Skills Development at a Glance: You'll Learn How To...

  • Communicate professionally in-person and over digital platforms by utilizing strategies, tools, and feedback to adapt to the environment
  • Participate in meetings by contributing to conversation and supporting with planning and follow up actions across a team
  • Navigate challenging situations by regulating reactions to display grit and maintaining a positive composure
  • Utilize common management, editing, and conference tools such as Microsoft Outlook, PowerPoint, and Zoom
  • Gather and analyze data to provide support to and generate ideas for a business
  • Pursue opportunities for professional growth and maintain a well-formed resume

Training at Work: Typical Job Tasks

  • Navigate company resources and handle banking information with speed and accuracy during interactions
  • Support customer requests by writing clear and complete notes, adapting to interactions, leveraging empathy and professional etiquette, and escalating as needed
  • Understand and describe the value of products to customers, including key characteristics, benefits, and risks of basic banking products

Path to a Career: Training-Enabled Role Pathways

  • Personal Banking
  • Consumer Fraud Support
  • Sales Support
  • Financial Advisory
  • Loan Products Servicing
  • Financial Products Servicing

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