Fall 2023

Our January 2021 graduating class was the last cohort hosted by Peirce College. We will continue to serve Greater Philadelphia with a new, technology-enabled program. Thank you for your partnership, Peirce College!

New Program Launch

In Fall 2020, Year Up launched an innovative, accelerated program model in Greater Philadelphia. Building on Year Up’s 20 years of experience preparing talent for the workforce, this program combines our demonstrated outcomes and best practices with new, flexible online learning opportunities.

Over the course of the program, students will receive hands-on training, real-world corporate access, a work immersion experience, and unparalleled support. In one year or less—shorter than Year Up’s traditional model in some cases—students will more quickly land a job at a leading company in search of top talent.

The first three months of technical and professional skills training will be part-time and primarily virtual, providing students with increased flexibility to complete their program work. *Then students in the Consumer Banking pathway will go on to earn 3 months of internship experience at a top company, and all other training pathways will go on to earn a 6 month internship experience at a top company.
*you will learn more during your onboarding process

What Participants Gain: Program Highlights

  • In-person orientation for connecting with colleagues
  • Technical skills that fill the needs of top companies
  • Weekly virtual sessions with a personal Learning Coach to develop professional skills
  • Regular assignments that can be completed on the students’ own schedule within a flexible, virtual environment
  • A paid, four-month immersive work experience with one of Year Up’s corporate partners
  • Tools and experience to build a strong professional network
  • Holistic wraparound support and guidance that empowers students to overcome any barriers
  • Opportunity to gain a full-time job and continue on the path to success

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Business Fundamentals

Customer Success

Helpdesk/Desktop Support

Local leadership

Whitley Denson

Program Director, Virtual Campus - PHL

Want other options?

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