Software Development & Support

Application Development & Support

Year Up's Application Development & Support curriculum provides students with basic skills in programming, application/web development, databases, and software development fundamentals. Students are exposed to problem solving techniques such as algorithms, flow-charts, and decision trees; concepts and processes such as version control, Agile development, software development roles and environments, introductory programming, object oriented concepts, development of simple real-world applications, relational database terminology, database design tools; and techniques to create, update and query databases.

Industry Training Focus Areas

  • Computer Architecture & Systems Fundamentals
  • Programming Fundamentals
  • Database Fundamentals
  • Quality Assurance & Software Testing
  • Software Development Fundamentals
  • Year Up’s Essential Skills Training

Industry Skills Development at a Glance: You'll Learn How To...

  • Utilize decision trees, flow charts, algorithms and pseudo-code to communicate solutions
  • Program concepts to build basic software programs
  • Interpret, analyze, and provide feedback on peer code; write and run unit testing to verify code
  • Utilize an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) such as Eclipse, NetBeans or Visual Studio to write, build, execute and debug code
  • Utilize SQL to build tables, specify constraints, apply indexes

Essential Skills Development: You'll Learn How To...

  • Communicate professionally in-person and over digital platforms by utilizing strategies, tools, and feedback to adapt to the environment
  • Participate in meetings by contributing to conversation and supporting with planning and follow up actions across a team
  • Navigate challenging situations by regulating reactions to display grit and maintaining a positive composure
  • Utilize common management, editing, and conference tools such as Microsoft Outlook, PowerPoint, and Zoom
  • Gather and analyze data to provide support to and generate ideas for a business
  • Pursue opportunities for professional growth and maintain a well-formed resume

Training at Work: Typical Job Tasks

  • Work in an agile software team to develop and release a product in increments, navigating multilayer problem solving
  • Work with clients and development teams to build technical requirements for a software request or user story
  • Update, fix, and write simple code that meets software specifications and passes code reviews
  • Assist with debugging, testing, and releasing features and bug fixes to production

Path to a Career: Training-Enabled Role Pathways

  • UX Design & Development
  • Cloud Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • Production Support
  • Software Project Management
  • Web Development

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