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What’s Holding Companies Back From Expanding Diversity

By Maitane Sardon and Dieter Holger | Oct 26, 2019

U.S. companies face challenges in promoting ethnic and racial diversity in boards and senior leadership roles, despite recognizing the importance of diversity and inclusion. Some companies such as PayPal are partnering with programs like Year Up to actively seeking underrepresented voices and implementing diverse hiring policies. Nahtifa Wright gained a full-time position at PayPal through Year Up's training, highlighting the impact of such partnerships. Despite lingering educational disparities and biases, proactive steps like actively recruiting underrepresented voices are crucial.
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Resume Issues? Need An Internship? This Organization Can Help

By Amr Alfiki | Feb 8, 2019

In the NPR article "Resume Issues? Need An Internship? This Organization Can Help" by Amr Alfiki:
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