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To Fill Millions of Open Jobs, Many Workers Need More Than Skills

By Steve Lohr | Jun 14, 2021

Ensuring that individuals receive holistic support beyond skills training is essential to enabling talent to obtain quality employment and forge enduring career paths. Labor experts emphasize the significance of soft skills and personalized guidance in connecting skilled workers to job opportunities, particularly for those without four-year degrees and from marginalized communities. Successful nonprofits like Year Up and Goodwill exemplify this approach, offering training and wraparound support with housing, transportation, and childcare.
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Why Bank of America's top tech exec partners with a non-profit training program to recruit diverse talent for Wall Street jobs

By Anita Ramaswamy | May 26, 2021

Business Insider explores how how Bank of America and Year Up are partnering together to help underserved talent get hired into family-sustaining careers.
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A Unique Workforce Development Program Shows Promise in Reducing Inequality and Boosting Economic Growth

By Bob Sullivan | May 5, 2021

Year Up is helping low-income young adults find good jobs. Now it’s up to Year Up and other innovators to convince the government to fund these programs, which have been rigorously shown to substantially increase participants’ earnings.
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Employers toss out degree requirements as college costs rise

By Stephanie Ruhle | Apr 24, 2021

This segment highlights Year Up partners JPMorgan Chase and Salesforce alongside Year Up alum Allie Alcala. Allie's experience demonstrates how Year Up can provide individuals without college degrees with clarity and a career path, echoing sentiments from Salesforce's Marc Benioff, who emphasizes the potential for creating value without a college degree.
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Student debt "feels like quicksand." Is loan forgiveness the answer?

By Jean Song | Mar 25, 2021

Student loan debt is having a profound impact on individuals like Jeremy Porter, an alum of the Year Up program. The segment delves into the debate surrounding loan forgiveness, with policymakers advocating for solutions to alleviate the $1.7 trillion student debt crisis, which disproportionately affects communities of color.
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