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Our Region's Business

By Bill Flannigan | Oct 2, 2022

During the video interview on WPXI-TV in Pittsburgh, BNY Mellon MD and Managing Director and COO, Clearing, Markets, Treasury and Shared Services Engineering Dave Silvesteras and Year Up alum Cevian Williams dive into their experience at BNY Mellon and Year Up.
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Under Byers, Interise is branching out to more of Massachusetts

By Jon Chesto | Aug 16, 2022

Big investment banks often recruit from the campuses of competitive colleges.
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Credit Billionaire Goodman Shifts Giving After Children’s Appeal

By Josephine Walker | Aug 3, 2022

In the Bloomberg article "Credit Billionaire Goodman Shifts Giving After Children’s Appeal" by Josephine Walker:
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IT leaders take on pandemic tech debt

By Beth Stackpole | May 23, 2022

" Year Up's CIO, Gary Flowers, shares insights into strategies to confront tech debt accrued by IT leaders during the pandemic. Year Up's commitment to bridging the Opportunity Divide became even more crucial during the pandemic, requiring a swift adaptation of their in-person program to virtual environments. Year Up made efforts to revamp systems, like their Salesforce CRM, to allow for more flexible pathways, reflecting a broader trend among organizations grappling with pandemic-induced tech debt. "
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One Response by Fundraisers to Racial Reckoning: an Affinity Group for Black Donors

By Drew Lindsay | Mar 30, 2022

Year Up, a workforce development organization providing career training to young adults, responded to the racial reckoning post-George Floyd's murder by initiating the Black Opportunity Alliance.
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LinkedIn and Year Up partner for a more diverse IT future

By Sarah K. White | Mar 14, 2022

In the CIO Magazine article "LinkedIn and Year Up partner for a more diverse IT future" by Sarah K. White:
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