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Corporate Training Programs That Don't Ask for a Degree | Year Up

Feb 28, 2022

Juan Garcia, Director of Corporate Engagement at Year Up, discusses how the labor market has evolved and how large corporations are now providing their own training programs to educate their staff. These opportunities not only offer individuals the chance to secure permanent positions but also develop a career.
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Fred Mutsinzi went from homelessness to venture capital. Here’s how.

By Peter Coy | Jan 7, 2022

In The New York Times article "Fred Mutsinzi went from homelessness to venture capital. Here’s how" by Peter Coy:
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Bank of America Surpasses Goal to Hire 10,000 From Low- to Moderate-Income Areas, Sets New One for 2025

By Caroline Hudson | Sep 30, 2021

Bank of America has surpassed its five-year goal of hiring 10,000 individuals from low- to moderate-income (LMI) communities, expanding its Pathways program to connect with nonprofits like Year Up, UnidosUS, and the National Urban League.
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I Went From College Drop-Out to One of Facebook's Leading IT Personnel

By Kyle Wilson | Sep 23, 2021

Year Up alumnus Jay Hammonds describes how Year Up gave him the opportunity to intern at Facebook a
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Workers, in Demand, Have a New Demand of Their Own: A Career Path

By Steve Lohr | Aug 18, 2021

" Amidst the economic upheaval of the pandemic, individuals like Mark Wray are turning to programs such as Year Up to cultivate essential tech and business skills. Transitioning from a low-wage job at a movie theater to a position at an online mortgage lender, Wray's story underscores the transformative potential of career-focused programs. By providing pathways to higher-paying roles in sectors like technology, Year Up empowers workers to pursue fulfilling careers and achieve significant increases in income."
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Banks address tech talent shortage with 'reskilling,' 'upskilling' programs

By Miriam Cross | Jun 25, 2021

Banks and fintechs are tackling the tech talent shortage through reskilling and upskilling programs. United Wholesale Mortgage, a partner of Year Up, exemplifies success by training individuals from diverse backgrounds to become software developers through their IT-X program. Bank of America's partnership with Year Up shows the program's effectiveness in providing training and internships to underrepresented young adults, resulting in diverse and skilled hires.
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