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Cyber Security

Are you ready to immerse yourself in the cutting-edge realm of cyber security? Year Up's Cyber Security curriculum is your gateway to a dynamic career, providing a comprehensive overview of computing systems and instilling a deep understanding of the critical need and impact of cyber security. Tailored for young adults aged 18-29, our program equips you with the skills to identify threats and secure computer and network systems.

Why Choose Cyber Security Training at Year Up?


Year Up's Cyber Security training program is more than just training; it's a transformative experience designed for young adults seeking to enter the world of cyber security. Our engaging curriculum covers the essentials, providing context and hands-on skills that resonate in the fast-evolving cyber landscape. Here's what awaits you:


Building the Foundation: Cyber Security Training Essentials


  • Computer Architecture & Systems Fundamentals: Explore the components of personal computers and gain insights into operating systems.
  • Computer Systems Administration: Develop skills in managing and maintaining computer systems.
  • Technical Support: Learn to provide essential technical support for computer systems.
  • Information Security Fundamentals: Dive into the basics of information security, understanding risks, and assessing threats while honing methodologies to secure network systems. 
  • Year Up’s Essential Skills Training: Enhance your professional and interpersonal skills for a well-rounded approach.


Skills for the Digital Protector: What You’ll Learn


In our Cyber Security training program, you'll acquire a diverse skill set, preparing you for the challenges of the cyber security landscape. Here are some key skills you'll develop:


  • Monitoring a Security Infrastructure: Understand the elements of organizational security policies.
  • Securing Network Communications: Utilize features and techniques to secure network communications, gaining fundamentals of risk management and incident detection.
  • Identifying Common Causes of Threats: Recognize potential risks to network services, devices, traffic, and data.


Beyond Code: Cyber Security and Professional Growth


Beyond technical expertise, Year Up focuses on your overall development, ensuring you excel in any professional setting:


  • Effective Communication: Learn in-person and digital communication strategies.
  • Team Collaboration: Contribute meaningfully to team conversations and planning sessions.
  • Resilience: Navigate challenges with grit and a positive composure.
  • Tech Proficiency: Understand common tools like Microsoft Outlook, PowerPoint, and Zoom.
  • Data Analysis: Gather and analyze data for informed decision-making.
  • Professional Growth: Pursue opportunities for personal and professional development.


Your Role in the Workforce


Upon completing our cyber security training program, you'll be fully equipped for a range of roles in the cyber security field, including:


  • Incident Monitoring & Response: Play a crucial role in identifying and responding to cyber threats.
  • Security Operations Center (SOC) Analyst: Analyze and secure network activities in a SOC environment.
  • Computer & Digital Forensics Analyst: Investigate and analyze digital evidence to thwart cybercrime.
  • Penetration Testing: Assess and strengthen security measures by simulating cyberattacks.


Embark on Your Cyber Security Training Journey Today


Your journey toward a fulfilling career begins with Year Up's specialized cyber security training. Join us, and let's chart a path to success tailored to your aspirations. Take the first step today and apply to the program

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