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George Fant talks Year Up partnership, defense and playing both tackle positions

By: Billy Riccette on Dec 19, 2022

George Fant, New York Jets

Recently, many members of the NFL took part in “My Cause My Cleats”, where players wore customized cleats that show support and raise awareness for their favorite organizations.

New York Jets offensive tackle George Fant was one of those players in Week 13. Fant’s organization is called Year Up, “a tuition-free job training program that helps young adults between the ages of 18-29 across the nation receive professional and career training.”

Fant sat down with Jets Wire to discuss his connection with Year Up and what it means to him and the potential of the organization.


Year Up is a nonprofit who focuses on young adults and youth and helping them get job training. It is free job training and helping them get placements in internships at really good companies. And it was just one of those, one of those deals where, for myself, I just felt that it was a good connection for myself and my foundation because that’s what we like to do. We like to help our youth in our community and help them be able to grow and build their lives. And I thought that that was just a great opportunity to team up with a nonprofit who has the same kind of outlook on life that we have and kind of the same values as well. So that was kind of the main reasons why we wanted to partner up with Year Up.


It’s a great organization. I think they’re goals and with the things that they’re doing in the community and helping people build their lives and helping them find direction in their lives. And for myself, I think that the things that can be happening next with us is just more partnerships and more things that we’re doing and being more active and stuff with Year Up. So it’s a good opportunity for myself to partner with another good nonprofit.

Fant said he loves the things they’re doing and how they help people and build more partnerships. Some of those partnerships and internships include Bank of America, Uber, Sony and Buzzfeed.

I’m just happy to partner with them and do anything with them. We’re definitely going to do some more stuff with them here in their future. We love to see what they’re doing with the youth in our community and the young youth in our community. So definitely looking forward to doing more partnerships with Year Up.

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