Vice President - Platform Manager, Bank of America (Year Up Greater Atlanta, Class of July 2013)

Ruth Bowen

Ruth Bowen is an alumna of Year Up Atlanta Class 8, July 2013. She graduated with a full time offer from her internship and current employer at Bank of America. During internship Ruth was recognized for creating the onboarding process specific to her organization by her Senior Business Executive. In 2014 she continued to own and document Program, Project and Vendor set up processes; and in 2015 established and streamlined Governance routines as part of her PMO’s Program Governance and Execution team. At Bank of America, she has proven her process improvement ability to be valuable; as a result she has acquired a wide cross-functional skillset that brings her experience and flexibility to all aspects of the program.

Ruth has spent time on her local Alumni board as Treasurer, with her Toastmasters club as VP of Membership, Communications chair for internal network – Leadership Education Advocacy and Development for Women, and various roles that have helped fine-tune her leadership skills. As part of her personal initiative to give back, she launched a Professional Wear Clothing drive for Year Up at Bank of America, and continues to work with national and local staff members to help improve student and alumni outcomes.

Her aspirations include attaining her PMP certification, working on a start-up business venture and partnering with her colleagues to make a positive impact in her community. Her motivation to build a strong foundation for her children alongside her spouse continues to be her driving motivator in taking her next opportunity.