Teams and Roles

There are many different ways you can help create opportunities for young people, from teaching, to engaging employers, to running an efficient operation – and more.  Browse our teams and roles to find where you fit at Year Up.

Admissions & Outreach

You’re passionate about connecting with young adults, who are driven to find alternative pathways to success, and you are an expert at talking about Year Up and the opportunities available here.  You then guide prospective students through the application process and welcome them into the program.  You share Year Up success stories through networking, presentations and advertising to ensure a strong pipeline of students are admitted into each class.

Program Managers

You oversee the programmatic experience for a community of 40 students and 35+ interns from their first day through graduation. You manage students’ stipends and adherence to the contract. An integral responsibility is shepherding staff-student relationships and coaching staff to serve as effective advisers. This role facilitates the building of relationships between stakeholders, instructs the acquisition of professional skills in a classroom setting, and works closely with each department to maximize student growth in each phase of the program.


Enthusiastic about IT?  Fanatical over finance? Obsessed with communications?  As a Year Up Instructor, you specialize in one of these three disciplines, but also directly prepare Year Up students to succeed as professionals in the fields of Information Technology or Finance. Business Communications instructors typically come from an English teaching background – either high school, middle school or college level. While our IT and Financial Operations instructors have industry experience, they typically also have teaching experience, or at the least a passion for working with Year Up’s student population.

Please note that some roles require a Master’s degree.

Student Services

You provide an extra layer of support to our students, assisting them with challenges both inside and outside of the program.  Year Up’s “high support, high expectation” model means helping students rise above the “outside noise” that could affect their performance at Year Up.  The Student Services team is a resource to students even before they officially join the program, helping to interview and assess prospective students during the admissions process.  This team provides direct services by assessing external risk factors, while also expanding our network of community resources in order to best support our students.  You are a primary line of support for each student when challenges arise, helping to ensure that they are well, they are focused, they are resilient, and they succeed in completing the program.  A Master’s of Social Work degree is often required.

Corporate Engagement

You understand that businesses are demanding more highly-skilled talent to compete on the world stage, and that Year Up’s students are craving the opportunity to launch a career and earn a living wage. You build partnerships with top-tier employers and support Year Up students’ transition into a professional career over a six-month internship period.  Our Corporate Engagement team members come from a variety of backgrounds, but many have sales and relationship management experience.


A strong mission is nothing without strong fiscal health and an engaged community of stakeholders supporting that mission.  You understand Year Up’s social return on investment and can help individuals find their role in supporting the organization – as a volunteer, a mentor or a donor.  You love to hunt for prospects, execute flawless fundraising events, manage capital campaigns, or are a master of corporate, foundation and individual giving.  You are the engine that drives Year Up’s self-sustaining and scalable revenue.


Year Up sites run on your ability to execute operations efficiently and effectively.  For operations teams, there is no typical day.  You are comfortable wearing multiple hats and having a range of responsibilities.  You aren’t afraid to meet challenges head-on, fight multiple fires, and implement creative solutions in the areas of general operations, event planning, finance, and human resources.


You make sure Year Up stays in the black!  Budget, payroll, student stipends and compliance are just a few of the critical areas managed by you.  You also design systems to meet the increasingly complex financial needs of a $70M and growing, multi-site, high-service organization like Year Up.

Human Resources

Who says HR isn’t awesome?! Grab your pom-poms and HRIS manual and talk “talent acquisition” and “people development”! You help define Year Up’s culture – from the talent hired, to how each employee experiences Year Up during their career here, to how the organization as a whole learns and grows. We are a people-driven organization, with a focus on developing talent and providing our staff with every opportunity for professional development and growth.


Have you ever heard the saying, “there are 10 types of people in the world: those who understand binary, and those who don’t?” Well – if you get this, then our IT department is for you! Never fear, our students’ education in IT relies on our ability to remain on the cutting edge and constantly push our technology beyond its binary limits.


You have, at least once in your life, been so compelled to create systematic change that you had the urge to MARCH on its behalf!  You lie awake at night imagining a system that provides fair, equitable, opportunity for everyone.  You are intellectually alive only when organizing coalitions, corporations and policymakers to change the perceptions, practices and policies that perpetuate the Opportunity Divide. In conjunction with Year Up’s direct service program, you strive to broaden Year Up’s social impact by tackling the factors perpetuating the Opportunity Divide at a systemic level.


Build Year Up’s brand by ensuring accuracy and consistency in communications, supporting externally facing departments in their outreach to new stakeholders, and finding innovative ways to tell the stories of our organization and our young adults.  The marketing team works closely with admissions, development, internship, and influence teams to engage their key audiences and meet departmental goals.

Professional Training Corps

Year Up’s core program model operates in eight cities and serves thousands of students across the country each year. Our Professional Training Corps builds on Year Up’s core model and brings it to community college campuses with a focus on greater scale.

Employment Placement

You’re a connector who will help guide young adults towards a successful and fulfilling future. Employment placement team members help coordinate the training, support, and assessment of young adult readiness for internships and mission-aligned career opportunities.

Working at Year Up’s National Office

Year Up’s National Office, or headquarters, is home to our national infrastructure teams (Marketing, Development, Program, Corporate Engagement, IT, HR, Finance, Influence and Executive team). Each National team member focuses on strengthening the sites with day-to-day support, tools, and capacity; members of the team also work with students as a mentor, a tutor, or an advisor.

*Although the majority of our national staff members are based in Boston, some work out of sites elsewhere in the country.  Job postings for national roles will explicitly note if the position can be based outside of Boston.

Other Opportunities

Don’t see a position that’s the right fit for you at this time?  Check out our volunteer opportunities.  Volunteering at Year Up is a great way to get introduced into our program and culture and see where you might fit within the organization.