Best NonProfits to Work For by the NonProfit Times, April 2017

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E & M Learning for Connected Collaborative Teaching and Learning Communities, 2015

Year Up won for its design and delivery of a number of courses, including the Career Ready Toolkit, Social Media Digital Footprint, and its preparatory Front-End Web Development course.

As with the Optimas Gold Award we won in 2014 from Workforce Magazine for executing on our E-&-M-Learning vision and strategy, we will also include this International award in all of our grant applications, marketing material and devo opportunities. Thanks to the Academic Directors for implementing and enabling this success.

About the IELA Awards

The International E-Learning Awards are given each year for the best work in e-learning, mobile learning, and blended learning, in two divisions: Academic and Business/Industry. All submissions are evaluated by the IELA Awards Committee, who look for a variety of attributes. These include, among others, educational soundness and effectiveness, usability, and overall significance.

Best NonProfits to Work For by the NonProfit Times, 2014

Workforce Magazine Optimas Gold, 2014

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Bank of the West Philanthropy Award, October 23, 2013

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S&I 100 Index, 2012

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