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Tap into top talent

By partnering with Year Up, your company gains a reliable, scalable talent solution for entry-level positions. As a partner, you have the opportunity to host Year Up interns for a six-month period and hire Year Up graduates. Find out why 250+ leading U.S. employers are already partnering with Year Up.

Year Up interns specialize in one of five technical skills tracks—Information Technology, Business Operations, Financial Operations, Sales and Customer Support, and Software Development—and are equipped with the professional business skills to succeed in your workplace.

A win-win for companies and communities

Our corporate partners consistently cite benefits in:

  • Increased workforce diversity
  • Decreased cost-to-hire
  • Improved employee retention and loyalty
  • Reduced hiring risk

On average, companies hire just one in every 100 candidates. Year Up offers a more effective opportunity to screen and assess new hires via a six month internship, leading to 44% of Year Up interns being converted to hires.

By providing employment opportunities to underrepresented young adults, you contribute to stronger local communities and increased economic opportunity.

How it works

Before the internship: Year Up students complete six months of training, focusing on both technical and professional skills, before beginning an internship with one of our industry-leading corporate partners.

Throughout the internship: Companies that host Year Up interns have the opportunity to train talent for six months before making a hiring decision. Regular feedback and collaboration between Year Up and corporate partners ensures that interns meet company expectations and get the support and coaching they need to succeed.

Beyond the internship: At the conclusion of the program, corporate partners may hire Year Up graduates without a placement fee, saving your company recruiting time and resources. One in three interns are consistently hired from internship, showing why more than 90% of partners would recommend Year Up.

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