Senior Workforce Development Associate, Salesforce (Year Up Bay Area, Class of January 2016)

Angelica "Jelly" Pineda

Before attending the Year Up program, Angelica was working at Target and attending college part-time while being a single mom to her 3-year-old son. Her best friend who was working at Robert Half at the time told her about the Year Up program, Angelica decided to apply because she thought it could provide her with an opportunity to start a career and utilize all the potential she was sitting on. After 5 months of training in Year Up’s Project Management track, she earned an internship as a Grants Program Coordinator for, performing due diligence for non-profit organization’s eligibility to receive donations, owned her team’s participation in the Becoming Salesforce Program for new employees, supported Workforce Development Grants, and helped disburse payments to American and Canadian non-profits and charities. After finishing her 6-month internship, Angelica was offered a 6-month contract, which two years later has turned into full-time employment at Today Angelica is working towards her bachelor’s degree in Diversity & Inclusion at Skyline College works full-time as a Senior Workforce Development Associate at engaging employees in meaningful and purpose-driven volunteerism related to Workforce Development, and is a single mom to her 3-year-old son. Angelica continues to serve as an advocate of untapped talent and pay forward all the support that was poured into her journey.