As one of the world’s leading tech companies, finding and securing top talent is an ongoing need for Salesforce and Salesforce is committed to hiring practices that leverage alternative sources of talent—ones that can augment their more traditional hiring practices and keep up with the company’s rapid growth. As part of this strategy, Salesforce partnered with Year Up in 2008 to access a pipeline of untapped entry-level talent, which has grown to serve many business units across the organization.

Salesforce began hosting Business Operations and Information Technology interns at their San Francisco headquarters and quickly recognized the value that they brought to the company. They were impressed by how well-prepared the Year Up interns were for the dynamic environment at Salesforce, and the partnership continued to expand and grow. Today, Year Up plays a significant role in Salesforce’s talent sourcing strategy and organizational culture, with Year Up talent engaging with more than 80% of Salesforce business units across the country. Since the partnership began, Salesforce has hosted more than 420 Year Up interns and hired more than 220 graduates. 

“We provide internships for many Year Up students because it provides Salesforce with access to a talented group of graduates whom we hire to meet our skilled labor needs, which in turn increases our competitiveness.” 

Ebony Frelix
EVP, Chief Philanthropy Officer, Salesforce

Salesforce is continuously taking steps to ensure the ongoing success of the partnership with Year Up. To achieve the highest probability of intern conversion, Salesforce places a strong emphasis on sourcing internship positions that are closely linked to in-demand, entry-level positions and offers a variety of professional development opportunities for interns, including onboarding training, workshops, and access to mentors. These process enhancements further demonstrate Salesforce’s commitment to the Year Up partnership and to tapping into an alternative source of entry-level talent.

“Because of Year Up, I have a career at Salesforce and am privileged to be an example of how an opportunity can make a lasting impact on one’s life and the lives of those close to them.

Kenneth Patrick
Year Up Intern at Salesforce, 2015
Salesforce Employee, 2015-Present   


   420+               220+

Interns Hosted                 Graduates Hired


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Published January 2013/Updated April 2019
Written by Year Up