In 2013, Symantec partnered with Year Up to launch the Symantec Cyber Career Connection, a pilot program designed to train opportunity youth for jobs in cyber security. First implemented at Year Up’s Baltimore and the Bay Area locations, the pilot grew successfully to include Year Up locations across the country. Today, Symantec has hosted more than 40 Year Up interns, hired more than 15 graduates, and remains an engaged and valued partner.

Through our partnership with Year Up, we funded a Cybersecurity specific track and helped to build a curriculum that provided the foundational skills to be successful in the workplace.

Jesse Goodman
Director, Security Strategy & Implementation, Symantec



    40+                 15+

Interns Hosted                 Graduates Hired


Symantec Corporation is a software and cyber security company that is dedicated to each other, their customers, their business, and society, and work each day to create a secure and sustainable future. They bring together their people, passions, and powerful technology to support social and environmental priorities and make the world a better, safer place. 

Published December 2015/Updated April 2019
Written by Year Up