Since 2011, GE (General Electric) has partnered with Year Up as GE continues its exciting transformation to a digital industrial organization. The partnership with Year Up has enabled GE to gain access to a pipeline of talented, motivated, and diverse young adults, who bring the skills needed to fuel this transformation. To date, GE has hosted more than 190 Year Up interns and hired more than 70 graduates. It’s a solution that’s good for GE, our young adults, our communities, and our economy.

Partnering with Year Up was a great decision. Year Up interns are hungry to learn and grow, express a great deal of passion and professionalism, and have been stronger than most of our previous interns.

Justin Acquaro
VP of Global Security Services, GE

All my hard work paid off. I didn’t do it on my own—I had my team at GE and Year Up—but now I am proud to tell my parents that I have a career and am making something of myself.

Ann Saeteurn
Year Up Intern at GE, 2016
GE Employee, 2016-Present   


    190+                70+

Interns Hosted                 Graduates Hired


GE (General Electric) works on things that matter, leveraging the best people and the best technologies to take on the toughest challenges. 

Published January 2017/Updated April 2019
Written by Year Up