Sophea Keo was the first in his family to graduate from high school. He was interested in technology and he wanted to go to college, but he didn’t have the money and his status as a conditional resident in the U.S. made it virtually impossible for him to apply for financial aid. He took a job a McDonald’s to save for his tuition. Then, he learned about Year Up. At Year Up, Sophea faced an exceptionally heavy workload. In addition to demanding classes in the program, he also juggled night classes in English at City College of San Francisco. Despite these challenges, he forged ahead and earned an internship in desktop support at Wells Fargo. There, he worked hard, made a point of learning as much as he could, and expanded his network to over 2,000 people. His motivation and demonstrated efficiency landed him a permanent position at Wells Fargo as an IT Helpdesk Apprentice. While Sophea is happy with his job and proud of how much he has accomplished, he knows that he still has the potential to learn and grow more within his field. He plans to pursue a BA in Computer Science, and to continue to learn new things every day.