Shamir Murad


Sometimes, my life feels like a movie. Five years ago, I was working at a Hertz rental place cleaning and driving cars all day. It was great to be outside and it paid enough for me to go to North Shore Community College. I went to NSCC because I had a little too much fun in high school and college.

“NSCC was a make-or-break moment for me and I wasn’t going to miss another opportunity.”

I studied so much that my friends thought I’d disappeared. I started in 2012 and finished in 2014. I really learned a lot in two years and I’m still in touch with two of my NSCC professors. I studied computers because I’ve loved them ever since I was a kid. My mom would always ask me to help her with her computer and if I didn’t know how to solve it, I would use Google to find the answer. In college, cyber hacking was really interesting to me, but I couldn’t find the job I wanted with an Associate degree. I needed more training and more experience.

I joined Year Up because the firm I wanted to work for suggested I go there first. If you knew me at Year Up, you’d remember the 800-page CCNA certification book I carried with me everywhere. I’d read the book every day at lunch; I’d find a small room, shut the door, and read. But Year Up also taught me to step out of my comfort zone. I was raised in the south, so I knew etiquette was important, but Year Up taught me professional business etiquette. I learned to speak in public and build connections. I never would have gotten my job after Year Up if it weren’t for those connections. They were priceless, honestly.

At my internship with American Tower, my manager encouraged me to go to the Northeastern Jobs Fair. That’s where I learned about CyberArk. The people there knew I had the will and potential to learn. During my interview, they asked me networking questions related to the CCNA, and I answered every single one.

Doing a job that you love and are fluent in is what it feels like for me at CyberArk. We sell our products to Fortune 100 companies and industrial power plants that protect privileged accounts. If they have an issue with our product, they call me. I’m a support engineer and am now able to work with level 3 cases. My next step is to use my knowledge from Year Up to build relationships and transfer to the customer success team.

“I never would have gotten my job after Year Up if it weren’t for those connections. They were priceless, honestly.”