What have you been up to since you left Year Up?

Since I graduated from Year Up, I have been in school full-time at City College of San Francisco. In the beginning of the semester I was struggling to find work, but I remained optimistic due to the abundance of applications I worked on and sent out. I’m glad to say that everything has worked out for me. I just recently got a job as an Academic Mentor/Tutor for the Boys Moving Forward tutoring program. Year Up has done an exceptional job showing a lot of concern and support during my job search, as well as being extremely resourceful.

What are your future plans?

My future plans are to receive my A.S. at CCSF majoring in C.N.I.T and then transfer to S.F. State or Cal to Major in Audio Engineering. This is the year that I feel will define the rest of my life. Everyday is a constant approach towards getting better. I see myself growing as things fall through. I want to travel to create an international network. I want to increase my net worth as a 5-year goal. The ultimate goal after these steps is to open a program like Year Up in Africa to improve computer and technological literacy.