By providing formalized, award-winning training, an ethical culture, and an emphasis on providing unparalleled customer service, Rollins, Inc. has successfully equipped its employees to grow its business all over the world. With locations worldwide, Rollins, Inc. understands that its growth depends on finding innovative ways to improve its sales and service programs through technologies and processes. By partnering with Year Up Atlanta, Rollins, Inc. gained access to a pipeline of talent ready to drive company growth – and connected young adults to skills and resources leading to meaningful careers.

Rollins has been a corporate partner for several years and our interns have been very successful. The Year Up interns have been incredibly motivated and eager to make a positive impact. They are very well prepared, not just in terms of their technical skills, but how to communicate and present themselves in a business environment.

Lee W. Crump
Group Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Rollins, Inc.   


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Rollins, Inc. is a premiere global consumer and commercial services company. Through its wholly owned subsidiaries, the company provides essential pest control services and protection against termite damage, rodents, and insects to more than two million customers from more than 700 worldwide locations. 

Published June 2015/Updated April 2019
Written by Year Up