“Before Year Up,” alumnus Anthony Martin explains, “I was previously working two retail jobs while trying to figure how I was going to get a good full-time job that pays well and that would offer great benefits for me, so I can not only take care of me but my family. I joined [Year Up] to better myself and to be able to provide for my son and fiancé, so we can have a stable and comfortable lifestyle.”

Anthony Martin graduated from Year Up Rhode Island’s spring class of 2019. During his time in the program, Anthony studied business operations and worked at Neighborhood Health Plan of Rhode Island as a Social Media/Human Resources intern.

As part of the Year Up program, students are matched with a mentor. Anthony’s mentor, Mark, helped him keep a healthy work-life balance and coached him on how to communicate in different environments and situations. They met every other week to talk about life and work as well as challenge each other to take on something new such as developing a habit or achieving a goal. In addition to regular meetings, Mark and Anthony spent time at the Rhode Island School of Design Museum to indulge in artistic creations and share non-work related experiences together.

“When I first met Anthony Martin, he stood out. He is very mature, calm, and has a confident demeanor,” Mark shared. “My role was to help him realize his goals and potential. Mentoring Anthony was a very rewarding experience.”

Upon entering his internship, Anthony felt prepared and ready to use the skills taught by Year Up staff and his mentor, Wells Fargo’s Mark Counsineau, in the professional environment. 

On his first day, Anthony’s supervisor at Neighborhood Health Plan of Rhode Island, Jason Vlaun, asked him how the company and team could best support him in his internship. According to Anthony, “That made me feel and know that the experience was going to definitely help mold the way I work in a corporate environment.”

Anthony plans to go back to school and obtain his Bachelor of Arts degree, get married, buy a house, and according to him, “have another mini me.”

Anthony’s Year Up experience was enriched by his mentor. Get involved with Year Up, and impact a young adult’s life.