Marla-Bell---GTBefore Year Up, I was unemployed and looking for a job. My case manager at a local community based organization mentioned Year Up as an option. It was a golden opportunity in disguise. I researched the program and was immediately impressed. What attracted me most was the high expectation, high support model. Year Up has high standards for all students and it provides support structures to help students meet those expectations. I think that’s key to what makes the program so effective.

My experience at Year Up has changed my life. The program gave me important skills for working at companies like Autodesk. I’ve been applying what I learned, such as using Microsoft Outlook, practicing effective workplace communication, writing professional emails, effective time management, and more. Year Up has helped me attain the hard and soft skills needed to thrive here.

Each student at Year Up is evaluated on several criteria and matched with a corporate partner. According to my evaluations, Autodesk was an ideal match for me. So far, it seems to have panned out that way. I am thrilled to have been placed here for my internship.

As soon as I was assigned to do my Year Up internship at Autodesk, I began researching the company. I read the Autodesk website, gathered information and formulated questions. I fell in love with the company’s vision to help people imagine, design, and create a better world. The serene settings of the office and the kind employees have made the transition from Year Up to Autodesk smooth and easy. I am part of two amazing Human Resource teams: Organizational Development and Employee Communications. I am working closely with both teams on a bunch of projects, from preparing rooms, ordering food and organizing training materials for New Employee Orientation meetings to writing and recording a rap song that highlighted the roles and responsibilities of the Employee Communications Team.

I’m loving my Year Up internship at Autodesk and that has only increased my commitment to learning and contributing all I can during my time here. This is the beginning of my career journey and I only see it getting better with time.