Marcy_Tufarolo_and_Linda_Kwon_-_GTMarcy Tufarolo is a champion of Year Up Puget Sound. She is an exemplary volunteer, supporter, mentor, donor, and tutor. Her involvement with Year Up started through her connection with the Seattle chapter of Society for Information Management (SIM).

“I first heard about Year Up at the annual SIM conference in Seattle several years ago. Year Up was chosen as the recipient of a donation that was to be awarded at the conference closing ceremonies. Two students came to speak about Year Up, their experiences, and the impact that Year Up had had in their lives. It is hard to relay how moving their stories were and to see how far they had come from their home lives and life experiences to date.”

Marcy’s individual impact on our students is very impressive, having only learned about the program a few years ago, she has mentored four students and tutored another. Through this engagement, Marcy has been a vital part of the transformation that students go through. There is an “enthusiasm and excitement for learning with Year Up. It is great to be at a Year Up event and when an instructor asks a question, 80 hands go up, wanting to respond.”

Marcy’s support of students does not stop at classroom work; she has been a champion of Year Up in the community, most notably as a board member of SIM’s Seattle Chapter. She has shared her experience and support of Year Up through word of mouth and continued to grow the relationship that SIM has with Year Up, as Year Up expands and engages with more companies.

“It is important to give back and share as we progress through our careers.” Marcy focuses on giving back and sharing knowledge through her commitment to serving disconnected and underrepresented youth. We are very excited that she continues to support students and share in their accomplishments. “There is a glow from students when they share with you that they have been offered a full time job. There is a sense of accomplishment for me as well, knowing that I have answered questions and offered guidance from my education and work experiences that help the student in attaining this success.”