As a leading global financial services firm, JPMorgan Chase (JPMC) relies on recruiting top talent and understands the importance of investing in the communities it serves, making its partnership with Year Up in 2007 a natural fit. For more than a decade, the partnership has provided JPMC with access to an alternative pipeline of high-quality talent and has positioned the firm as an industry leader in creating meaningful careers pathways in financial services for young people that may otherwise be overlooked.

From just 8 IT interns at the outset, the partnership quickly grew to include interns in Financial Operations, Sales and Customer Support, Business, Operations, and Software Development in markets across the country. Today, JPMC requests more than 200 inters per year, making Year Up talent a significant part of JPMC’s talent sourcing strategy and organization culture. Since the partnership began, JPMC has hosted more than 1,140 interns and hired more than 500 graduates.

Year Up enhances our diverse talent pipeline, while internships provide candidates with hands-on training that better prepares them for candidacy.

Nicole Clopton
Executive Director, JPMorgan Chase

JPMC is continuously taking steps to ensure the ongoing success of the partnership with Year Up. To achieve the highest probability of intern conversion, JPMC places a strong emphasis on sourcing internship positions that are closely mapped to in-demand, entry-level roles. This, along with corporate initiatives and employee programs like Advancing Black Leaders, Women on the Move, New Skills at Work, and New Skills for Youth, further demonstrates JPMC’s ongoing commitment to recruiting and developing top talent and investing in the communities it serves.

“It was intimidating to know I’d be interning at JPMorgan Chase, but I realized with Year Up’s training I was equipped with the project management skills I needed to be successful as an intern. Today, I’m training to be a Project Manager, and I’m involved in shaping the company culture at JPMorgan Chase.

Kelly Reynolds
Year Up Intern at JPMorgan Chase, 2013
JPMorgan Chase Employee, 2013-Present   


  1,140+              500+

Interns Hosted                 Graduates Hired


JPMorgan Chase is a global leader in investment banking, financial services for consumers and small businesses, commercial banking, financial transaction processing and asset management.

Published September 2014/Updated April 2019
Written by Year Up