My goal that I always hold dear to my heart is being a better parent by providing for, guiding, and educating my son. Before Year Up, the best option I had was joining the military, which didn’t appeal to me because of the time I would spend away from my son for basic training.

While in Year Up I developed a stronger base in IT and learned new ways of writing, sending emails, and taking notes. I interned at PricewaterhouseCoopers, which was my first real start in a job field that I always wanted to be in, but did not know how to access. They placed me in charge of printer maintenance, then new hire setup, after that hardware repair, and finally desktop support.

I am currently working there full time as an IT Specialist. I love the fact that I am working on a team where everyone does their part to help. Going forward, I plan to go to college, earn new certifications, and continue to be a good father.