Gregory Boucicaut IMG_1455Today, I am confident, optimistic, and determined in accomplishing my goals. I have a great job at Bank of America and am working on my college degree. I have a beautiful and healthy 13-month old son, Oziah, who brings me so much joy. I never thought I could be this happy and achieve so much, but with Year Up anything is possible.

I tried to build a successful career in retail, but there wasn’t any room for advancement. I was frustrated—I couldn’t pay my rent and felt like I had no purpose. I desperately needed a change; something to re-invigorate me, patch my wounds, and help me find my identity … and that something was Year Up.

Year Up sculpted me into a real professional. The level of support and guidance I received was extraordinary. I learned from all feedback I received because I knew it would make me a better employee and a stronger role model for my son. I started making eye contact and acknowledging everyone’s presence in a room. I learned about time management, networking, and body language, as well as how to keep an open mind when working in groups.

Midway through my internship, I was offered a full-time job at Bank of America, working as an Anti-Money Laundering Senior Analyst for U.S. Global Markets. I love working there and pay it forward by mentoring Year Up interns as they come in. I make every effort to inspire them to achieve their own goals and one day pursue a full-time position at Bank of America or elsewhere.

I am also attending the Borough of Manhattan Community College. My goal is to earn my Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and go on for a Master’s degree in Business.

I want to continue to advance at Bank of America so that my son can have a better life. He drives me to strive for higher goals.

I have big dreams for my family and I know that anything is possible with Year Up!

*Update: Currently mentoring two Year Up interns at Bank of America.