By acquiring AOL in 2015, Verizon Media has continued tapping into a reliable pipeline of skilled, motivated young talent through its partnership with Year Up. To date, Verizon Media has hosted more than 125 interns and hired more than 55 graduates.

“The Year Up interns come to AOL with a strong desire to succeed and a foundation of technical skills to build on. This is an investment in our local communities and the digital future.”

Maureen Jules-Perez
Former Senior Technical Director at AOL 

“Before Year Up, I really had no idea what I wanted to do with my life and how I would get there. After being at Year Up, I now know what the future holds. Through Year Up, I was taught both professional and technical skills, but most importantly, they gave me the opportunity to be successful.

Tyson Lin
Year Up Intern at Verizon Media, 2016
Verizon Media Employee, 2016-Present   


   125+                55+

Interns Hosted                 Graduates Hired


With brands like Yahoo, HuffPost and TechCrunch, Verizon Media transforms how people stay informed and entertained, communicate and transact. They create new ways for consumers, advertisers and partners around the world to connect.    

Published August 2014/Updated May 2019
Written by Year Up