Ride-sharing service Lyft will be available statewide starting July 1. COURTESY OF LYFT

Lyft announced its Jobs Access Program on the First Coast, which is aimed at closing transportation gaps getting people rides to their employment and job training.

Lyft is partnering with Generation USA, Year Up, USO and United Way Northeast Florida.

  • Generation USA is a non profit aimed at connecting young people to career opportunities. They also have an initiative called ReGeneration, which helps workers over 40 break into new fields.
  • Year Up aims to close the opportunity divide for young adults. The organization provides professional development and work experience to help prepare students for their careers.
  • USO is a nationwide program which helps to support military families and spouses, while serving.
  • United Way Northeast Florida has various initiatives in the area, including in the classroom, helping families become more financially stable, helping people live healthier and ensuring basic needs are met.

Lyft’s Jobs Access Program focuses its rides on three areas; job training programs, job interviews and first three weeks of employment.

“We know that for the unemployed, reliable transportation to a job interview or to the first few weeks of work can make a world of difference,” said Yun Ling, Central and North Florida General Manager for Lyft. “We’re proud to work towards a future where North Florida residents can successfully make their way through the employment pipeline, thanks so our nonprofit partners.”

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