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Our Strategy

There are two pillars to Year Up’s strategy that position us to truly scale our impact and collectively take on the charge to serve millions of young adults: Direct Service and Systems Change. Our unique approach of serving our social mission through the market provides a platform for scale that can close the Opportunity Divide in this country – we are mission-grounded and demand-driven.

Our Direct Service strategy delivers a training program that prepares our young adults for professional jobs that meet the needs of our corporate partners and helps place our students on a path to continued higher education. Companies see value in Year Up’s young adults who consistently meet their growing and changing human capital needs with their grit, talent, and perseverance. This partnership approach enables Year Up students to bridge the Opportunity Divide.

Our Systems Change strategy is geared towards shifting perceptions of young adults from social liabilities to economic assets, shifting employer practices to broaden talent sourcing and hiring, and shifting public policies to support enterprising career pathways.

Direct Service: where we are today and where we are going

To date, Year Up has focused primarily on offering companies a Standard Training Program through which they can access our talented young adults. Our objective is to provide our clients with a Pipeline of Talent and enable them to invest in our young adults as a critical input to their human capital strategy. We are now looking to offer our clients Custom Solutions to meet their growing and changing needs in a way that will dramatically expand our ability to scale.

Our Custom Solutions are created in partnership with our clients to meet a critical business need and solve for the skills gap challenges in the market place. Custom Solutions will likely change some elements of our current program design, and in all cases will continue to focus on serving young adults working to bridge the Opportunity Divide. Custom Solutions offer Year Up the opportunity to test new replicable and sustainable models and we expect that over time they will become a Pipeline of Talent offerings and enhance our ability to serve many more young adults.




Expanding to new locations

We are open to the prospect of expanding Year Up to new markets, dependent on market demand and organizational capacity.  Over the next several years, we will partner with corporations and community colleges nationwide as part of our effort to scale our proven model to continue serving thousands of young adults in this country. Interested in bringing Year Up to your city? Tell us about it:

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