Two sides of a city, worlds apart.

We are wasting talent when we can’t afford to waste anyone.

Millions of young adults in this country are facing social and economic injustice. Despite talent and motivation, they lack access to higher education and careers that provide them with a living wage. At the same time, our economy needs help. U.S. businesses are calling for more and better-trained talent to compete on the global stage, but there will not be enough skilled workers to meet that demand.

Economic justice = Economic prosperity.

These are troubling realities, but they represent a tremendous national opportunity. Providing underserved young adults with the skills, knowledge and experience today’s businesses demand ensures those young adults will begin successful careers and earn a living wage. In return, employers gain access to a wider pipeline of well-trained talent than ever before —the talent they need to compete across the globe.

A hand up, not a hand out.

This is not charity, nor a handout. This is good sense. Economic justice for young adults equals economic prosperity for U.S. businesses, and the nation at large.