Pamela Trefler

Founder and Chair at Trefler Foundation

Born in San Francisco, California, Pamela Trefler spent most of her childhood outside the United States. After 18 years as an investment banker, she finished her undergraduate degree in English literature at UMass Boston and received a Master’s in Education at Harvard University in 1994. She interned at Dorchester High School  (now the Dorchester Education Complex) and is certified to teach English and English as a second language(ESL).

In 1999, Pam and her husband, Alan Trefler, founder of Pegasystems, formed the Trefler Foundation, which has focused resources on public education, including school restructuring and teacher training, and youth development.

Pam has served on many boards in the Boston area, including Boston Partners in Education and Teen Empowerment. Currently, she serves on the Board of Cambridge College and the Advisory Board of the Center for Collaborative.

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