Kim Tanner *

Senior Program Officer, The Jenesis Group
* Jenesis Group Representative on the National Board

Kim brings more than 25 years of leadership experience in business and philanthropy.Throughout her career, she has played a leading role in developing strategic business initiatives aswell as the creation and implementation of operational processes for corporations, privatecompanies, and family foundations.

Kim currently serves as the Executive Director for theJenesis Group, a private family foundation bringing innovation, entrepreneurial acumen, andmarket based solutions to the philanthropic sector.  As Executive Director, Kim is responsible forleading the foundation’s efforts to advance its mission and effectively support grantees with bothhuman and financial resources.  Kim oversees all aspects of grantmaking and operations for thefoundation as well as setting strategic priorities and building relationships with key partners.  She has been instrumental in developing and implementing a “venture like” approach to helping youth development organizations achieve their goals. She has spent the past 18 years in philanthropyserving as an engaged partner to multiple scaling organizations as a funder, board member, andthought partner.  She has served on panels and conducted conference sessions specificallyfocused on investing in social entrepreneurial led organizations and building revenue generatingcapacities for nonprofits.

Before entering philanthropy, Kim worked at MetLife as the youngest Regional Administrator incharge of the administrative operations of 17 sales offices in the western half of Texas.  Followingher tenure at MetLife she worked briefly in the Telecom industry building-out the administrativeoperations, reporting tools and systems, and marketing efforts for a national sales organization.

Kim earned her bachelor’s degree in Finance & Marketing from Texas Tech University.

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