Jeff Lackey

Vice President of Talent Acquisition at CVS Health

Jeff is the Vice-President of Talent Acquisition for CVS Health.  The TA functions purpose is to help CVS Leaders hire great people!  Over his career he has led the global recruitment for Roll-Royce, launching TA capability in more than 70 countries as well as starting up an HR Shared Services capability in North America.  His leadership in the TA space has been transformative – leading several Fortune 500 companies to the development of world-class people, processes, and technology. His experience not only spans geographies, but has led award-winning branding and marketing campaigns, university/graduate recruitment, contingent labor, executive recruitment, social media, and technology.  He has had the privilege of working with and lead great teams to build this one of a kind TA capability.  He sees it as a great opportunity to lead Talent Acquisition for a purpose-driven company – helping people on their path to better health!

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