Kelley Conway

Managing Director at Accenture

Kelley was raised in Pittsburgh.  After graduating summa cum laude in Chemical Engineering from Bucknell University, Kelley joined Accenture to gain broad experience while building technical depth.  Subsequently Kelley joined Booz Allen Hamilton in 2002 (now Strategy&) after completing her MBA at Carnegie Mellon.  Kelley had an anything-but-typical career trajectory in consulting, spending three years on the road, then constructing internal roles to start her family (Kieran, now 11 and Kaidan, now 9), moving back to client work and an accelerated path to Partner.  Kelley has led Strategy&’s North America Women’s Network and subsequently North America diversity, regularly contributing a diversity blog to strategy+business.  Kelley serves the Financial Services industry, focusing on business transformations that span strategy, operations and technology, and is the lead of PwC’s Fit for Growth platform for FS.

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