Year Up strongly supports the continuation of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). With DACA, more young adults have the safety and security to pursue employment opportunities and add value to the United States workforce. At Year Up, we’ve seen, firsthand, how DACA has allowed our students and graduates to become strong contributors in the American economy. These are their stories.

Andrea Lozada

Client Service Representative at State Street Corporation

Andrea's DACA Story

Going through Year Up and working at State Street gave me the opportunity to prove that immigrants are hungry,  dedicated, willing to learn and work to be successful—in our jobs, for our families,and for the country. Read more.

Eren Espinosa

Fraud Analyst II at Bank of America


Eren's DACA Success StoryDACA was a miracle for young adults like me. Because of it, we don’t need to live in fear, we can provide for our families, and we have the opportunity to be part of the economy and prove that we have potential, we matter, and we can make change happen. Read more.

Nelida Hernandez-Solis

Technology Operations Technician at JPMorgan Chase

Nelly's Story

I had to learn to set my own path at a young age. Now the dreams that once seemed so far away are within my grasp. Year Up allowed me to take five steps forward and I am never looking back. Read more.

Christian Mora Vazquez

Recruitment Specialist at Year Up

Christian's DACA Story

Year Up has given me something I thought I had lost: Courage. The courage to believe that my future is not decided by what street I grew up on or the color of my skin, but by the amount of hard work and determination I’m willing to put in to achieve my goals. Read more.

Yunior Crispin Valdez

Sales Development Representative at CarGurus

Yunior's DACA Story

Year Up took me from working various mall jobs to learning about B2B sales at one of the coolest companies in Boston. I now have the opportunity to become a role model to my peers and other immigrant students. Read more.

Yoko Acosta

Assistant Coordinating Producer Intern at Accenture

Yoko Acosta - DP

With DACA, I was able to obtain a full-time job, attend college and enroll in Year Up. Without DACA, I along with 800,000 individuals will have to hide in the shadows once again and see how our accomplishments and hard work get thrown down the drain. Read more.