Together, we can close the Opportunity Divide

When you graduate from Year Up, you join a nationwide alumni network called the National Alumni Association (NAA) – all Year Up graduates are members of the NAA. The NAA is made up of leaders committed to lift while they climb and change the narrative of young adults in America. The alumni vision is a collaborative partnership between Year Up alumni and staff, focused across three key areas that we refer to as the alumni ACT.

  • Advancing Careers and Education
  • Contributing to Year Up’s Success
  • Taking Action in the Opportunity Movement

Stay connected

Drive the alumni movement and engage with the NAA on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

We’re (still) here for you

Year Up is still here to help you reach your potential – no matter how long ago (or how recently) you graduated. As Year Up’s alumni resources grow, Year Up is growing to better help the NAA, too!

The Year Up Alumni Community website highlights all the resources available to you as alumni.  Please register (by using your birthdate) to get access to the alumni directory and various free services available only to Year Up alumni.

Year Up Professional Resources (YUPRO) is a Public Benefit Corporation focused exclusively as a placement agency for Year Up Alumni.  YUPRO launched in 2014 and its profits are returned to benefit Year Up alumni activities.  While still expanding in every Year Up market, YUPRO alerts alumni of YUPRO job opportunities in geographic areas, offers periodic webinars, provides limited Job Search Coaching sessions to committed alumni, and holds Professional Development office hours.  Contact YUPRO and receive troubleshooting advice and resources as you face the professional milestones in your life.

The Year Up National Alumni Relations Team is a Year Up staff team that is dedicated to supporting alumni. Along with the NAA Board, we are working to launch resources and initiatives that broadly benefit alumni, and we are excited to give alumni a strong voice and to support the success of the growing alumni movement. Join the Alumni Relations Team on Twitter.

The National Alumni Association Board (NAA Board) is made up entirely of dedicated alumni leaders representing Year Up graduates. They play a key role in Year Up’s vision of alumni taking on increased responsibility of the Year Up alumni experience and strategy.

Your Local Alumni Board works in conjunction with the NAA Board and Year Up staff to help build up the NAA by bringing you speakers, events, and professional development opportunities.

Help others cross the Opportunity Divide

Who better to guide a young adult towards opportunity than a successful professional who was once in the same shoes? Get in touch with your local site or local Alumni Association to learn how you can help others reach their potential or send us questions at