How you can become a Year Up student

Thank you for your interest! Our program begins every February for the Spring and in August for the Fall. To learn more, please submit a student interest form and sign-up to attend an Information Session as soon as possible, indicating your interest. Applications are considered on a rolling basis until the classes are filled. We encourage you to apply early as space is limited.

Step 1: Submit an Interest Form

Classes begin in August for the fall, and in February for the Spring. Please submit an interest form if you’re interested in being a part of the upcoming spring class, beginning February 2019.

Step 2: Attend an Online or In-Person Information Session

In-person Information Sessions will begin in August and will be on:

  • Tuesdays from 12:30-1:30pm 
  • Wednesdays from 5-6pm

Location: St. Petersburg College Midtown Campus, Jamerson Center, 1300 22nd Street S, St. Petersburg, Florida

You can also sign up for an Online Information Session.

Step 3: Individual Interview

After the Information Session, qualified applicants will complete a one-on-one interview with a member of the Admissions team. The date and time for the one-on-one interview is scheduled after the Information Session.

Step 4: Complete the Application

If an applicant is qualified for Year Up, they will be required to complete their application paperwork in order to reserve their seat in the next class. This will involve at least one further appointment with the Admissions team.