Individual Donors

Individual Donors

"Having that door open for you and know that all you need to do is step through it is what Year Up provided for me. Without that bridge, I wouldn't have been able to do anything as far as professional careers go."

Hassan Anjum, Year Up Bay Area graduate

Year Up graduates gain marketable skills, college credit, job experience, self-confidence, and a professional network – empowering them to earn livable wages, finish college, start a career, and realize their true potential. 85% of our graduates are employed or attending college full-time within 4 months of completing the program.

Most importantly, our graduates cross and help to close a vast Opportunity Divide, gaining a chance to succeed in today's workplace and helping to ensure our country's economic prosperity.

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A new model for non-profits helps Year Up adapt.

Each dollar received from individual donors and foundation partners leverages revenue from corporate internship partners to support the attendance of each Year Up student.

This approach means we can scale to meet the needs of our students; our model has long-term sustainability; and our outcomes and performance are measurable.

A proven business team keeps Year Up going strong.

Our Founder and CEO, Gerald Chertavian, is a successful entrepreneur and Harvard Business School graduate who co-founded and grew an internet consulting firm to over $20M in billings in five years. He's supported by a leadership team with deep experience in creating social change.

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Sharrod McClusky
Donor Relations & Reporting Specialist
Year Up
133 Federal St., Floor 11
Boston, MA 02110
(617) 542-1533 ext. 1507

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Susan Murray
Senior Philanthropic Advisor

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