Corporate Partners

Corporate Partners

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Preparing a pipeline of entry-level talent

Through Year Up's program, corporate partners work with desktop support/help desk interns and, in some cities, financial operations, quality assurance or project management interns, who continue to receive intensive skills training.


Why become a Year Up Partner?

  • Working with Year up interns offers a chance to train and get to know potential employees before making hiring decisions: a "try before you buy" approach to bring in talent.
  • Upon graduation, Year Up interns are a source of entry-level, diverse human capital.
  • Interns undergo reference checks, interviews and testing, and receive relevant technical and professional training.
  • Regular feedback and collaboration ensures Year Up interns meet your company's expectations
  • Year Up provides extensive "hands-on" support throughout the internship via continuing education, monitoring and coaching intern performance.
  • Internship partners may hire Year Up graduates at the conclusion of the program without a placement fee, saving your company recruiting time and resources.

"Year Up apprentices enrich our workforce, bringing immediate value to our business."
Jennifer Petersen,
Bank of America

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