Join us in the fight to close the Opportunity Divide

When you graduate from Year Up, you join a nationwide network of alumni who are becoming leaders in their fields and changing the way America sees urban young adults.

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We’re (still) here for you

Year Up is still here to help you reach your potential – no matter how long ago (or how recently) you graduated. As the NAA grows, Year Up is growing to better help the NAA, too!

Year Up Professional Resources (YUPRO), a for-profit Public Benefit Corporation focused exclusively on providing career support for the NAA, launched in 2014. While they’re still expanding to meet alumni needs, this new resource can help connect you with career advancing placements and professional development, like individual coaching, mock interviews, and resume and cover letter reviews. And of course, like the rest of Year Up and the NAA, YUPRO continues to develop. Contact YUPRO and start working towards that new job or promotion!

National Alumni Association Board (NAA Board) is made up entirely of dedicated alums representing all alumni and play a key role in Year Up’s vision of alumni taking on increased responsibility over the NAA and Year Up! If you already have an idea please reach out and email the NAA Board!

Your Local Alumni Board works in conjunction with the NAA Board and Year Up National to help build up the NAA by bringing you speakers, events, and professional development opportunities.

Help others cross the Opportunity Divide

Who better to guide a young adult towards opportunity than a successful professional who was once in the same shoes? Get in touch with your local Alumni Association to learn how you can help others reach their potential.