About working here

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“The work we do, the hill we climb, requires dedication and the ability to navigate systems traditionally designed to keep talented urban young adults from opportunity. You are not only joining an organization – you are joining a movement.”

-Carlos Vazquez, Program Manager, Miami


Year Up is an exciting and unique place to work.  Here’s why.

Strong commitment to the mission

Above all, each and every staff member genuinely believes in the potential of our young adults and the mission of Year Up.  It’s at the heart of everything we do.

Everyone is part of the Learning Community

All full-time staff members (including, occasionally, those at our national office) are part of a Learning Community and serve as an advisor to a small group of students.  Everyone has the opportunity to lead and facilitate group sessions with students, as well as participate in staff meetings and trainings.  So even if your role doesn’t put you in the classroom, you’ll still spend time with students and be an important part of their Year Up experience.  And you’ll be blown away by their talent and motivation.

“I love being an advisor. I cannot name another organization where an external-facing staff member would be so intertwined in the program. My students inspire me and the relationships we build go far beyond the year they spend with us.”

-Bobby Gondola, Director of Development and Operations, Providence

Culture of feedback

All of our students and staff embrace the idea of giving and receiving feedback, highlighting each other’s strengths and growth areas.  Feedback is central to our individual professional development, as well as the growth of Year Up as an organization.

Commitment to diversity and cultural competency

We know that diverse and culturally aware groups increase value in educational and work settings by generating creative, effective, and inclusive thinking and action.  Read more about our commitment to diversity and cultural competency.

Competitive salary and benefits

We value our people, which is why we offer competitive salary and benefits that include 100% healthcare coverage, dental, and 401(k) match – plus three weeks paid vacation in your first year of employment and four weeks each year after.  We also offer professional development funds, available to support staff in achieving their career objectives.